About us

Dalaart brings the creative craftsmanship and design from Dalarna to enthusiastic collectors and admirers of the Swedish culture and style from all over the world.

Classic Dala horses
Born in the heart of Sweden

We bring timeless inspiration and pure visual delight.

If you have traveled to Sweden and fell in love with this country and its people, or have roots in Sweden and want to bring back warm and nice memories from your past, your childhood, or are just curious about Sweden and its traditions – Dalaart is for you!

Founded in 2020, Dalaart is a digital platform, gathering some of the most prominent manufacturers of Dala horses and related products from Sweden. We also produce our own range of Dala horses, with the most popular designs.

Our story began with a personal collection of vintage Dala horses that quickly grew into a worldwide project. The Dala horses on our platform are authentic, hand-carved and hand-painted in Sweden, with no exception! Our collection includes both vintage and newly produced Dala horses, with new, modern, as well as antique-inspired designs, reflecting the rich Swedish traditions and culture. We distribute worldwide.

Only authentic products

We sell only authentic wooden Dala Horses which are hand-carved and hand-painted.

Collectibles from Sweden

Each piece is unique, and will increase in value over time. This makes our Dala horses and other Dala animals a great investment!

Local artist community

Our Dala horses are produced by all best Scandinavian Dala horse artists.